Add A Shipping Container Farm From Pure Greens To Your Country Club!

  • Lower your food costs while improving your menu’s taste, freshness and nutrition! When you grow your own food, you cut costs up to 75%. Plus, Pure Greens Container Farms use 90% less space and water and 100% less soil and pesticides than a traditional farm. So, you won’t just be saving money, you’ll be saving the Earth too!
  • Increase Your Memberships and Reduce Your Churn! A Pure Greens Container Farm will help you attract and keep members by improving food quality, while helping new “Green” country club members feel like they are contributing to sustainability with their monthly dues.
  • Tap into the Eco-tourism Market with tours, classes and more! When you add a container farm from Pure Greens to your country club, you won’t just be adding fresh farm to table produce. You’ll also be adding a unique attraction you can charge extra for.
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