Add A Shipping Container Farm From Pure Greens To Your Correctional Facility!

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  • Serve healthier food for less money. With a Pure Greens Container Farm, you can grow healthier, better tasting produce without having to pay to have it shipped in. Some correctional facilities saw produce costs drop by as much as 50% when they added a hydroponics program.
  • Reduce recidivism. One of the major causes of reoffending is an inability to find gainful, meaningful employment after release. A Pure Greens Container Farm allows you to create a formal vocational training program that gives inmates a great chance for starting a farming career upon release.
  • Improve inmate behavior. Farming has a number of psychological benefits, such as calming, healing and fostering nurturing feelings. Plus, “the soothing sounds of water, the greenery in the environment and even the smell of produce have helped create a better environment to rehabilitate the inmates," according to Christine Schmidt, supervisor of social workers for New York City public schools. You can find all of these factors inside a container farm from Pure Greens.
an standing in front of correctional facility container farm