Add A Shipping Container Farm From Pure Greens To Your College!

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  • Lower your food costs, while increasing access to fresh, nutritious food! When you grow your own food, you'll cut food costs up to 75%. Plus, Pure Greens Container Farms let you grow safe, pesticide free lettuce, veggies and herbs less than 100 yards from your cafeteria year-round!
  • Pure Greens Container Farms are perfect labs for research, case studies and experiments. From clubs to classes, a container farm gives your students hands-on learning experiences that prepare them for careers in agronomy, sustainability, engineering, business and so many other exciting professions!
  • Attract new students! A container farm is a great recruiting tool, especially for students who want to study farming, agronomy, or food science. Plus, 1 in 4 college applicants believe healthy options on campus are essential when deciding what school to attend.  
mage of student in front of college container farm