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Container Farm Dimensions & Specifications

Pure Greens Container Farms are Portable and Affordable.


Energy Usage

Water Consumption

Nutrients / Seeds


Completely Customizable 

Pure Greens Container Farms are fully assembled vertical hydroponic grow systems built in 40 ft. insulated shipping and storage containers. Pure Greens can customize our freight container farms to the user’s specifications. Each container farm comes with a user’s manual and a warranty for material and workmanship. Optional training is available at our location or yours!


Automatized Controlled Environment

Recirculating Hydroponic Systems




Basic Requirements 

Pure Greens Container Farms come turn-key and ready to begin immediate production. Here are the basic requirements to start growing produce with your own Pure Greens Container Farm.

Fresh Water Inlet

Nutrients / Starter Cubes / Seeds


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I grow plants other than leafy greens and herbs?

Although Pure Greens Container Farms are optimized to grow leafy greens, growers have found success growing a variety of other crops in controlled hydroponic environments, including seedlings for nursery production, micro-greens, flowers and some root vegetables.

Do I need to prepare the ground where I will be placing my container farm before the delivery day?

The Farms may be placed on a concrete pad, concrete footers, asphalt or a gravel surface. Railroad ties may be used to elevate the Farms for HVAC drainage or water run-off. The most important aspect of the foundation is that it remains level. Having and maintaining a level foundation is critical to the Farms’ performance.

How much space do I need for my container farm?

Designate adequate space with a minimum 55’ x 12’ area to allow for standard utility connections, clearance for the Entry Door and HVAC airflow. Keep in mind some custom modifications may require additional exterior room. Please contact Pure Greens to get accurate measurements for the placement of your Container Farm.

How tall can the plants grow?

Depending on the system installed, plants can grow up to a maximum height of 12 inches.

Is there any assembly required with a Pure Greens Container Farm? 

The Pure Greens Container Farms come fully assembled. A certified electrician is required to connect your Farm to a power source.

How many plant sites will a container farm hold? 

There are approximately 1,800 to 2,700 plant sites in a Pure Greens Container Farm. This number will vary based on the layout and options.

How does water enter the container farm?

The water lines connect to a standard garden hose.

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